This is me

I am a full time freelance translator, transcreator, copywriter, project manager and consultant with more than 15 years of professional experience in diverse translation and content creation fields.

Having worked always as a fulltime professional, I am nearly obsessed with fluency and style in Spanish, provide high quality services and never miss a deadline. I am real partner for my clients – your continued success is my success.

I currently work or have worked for companies like Bang & Olufsen, BoConcept, LEGO, Grundfos or Weber, to name a few, always with great and rewarding results. But let's get to the point: what I would like now is to work with you and your company.

Check the facts

This is my desk

Here is my computer, my trusty lamp, my file cabinet, my keyboard –not just any keyboard–, my wallet, my color pencils –essential to shape ideas–.

These are the physical tools I use. They allow me to interact with the wide range of software I work with. It's here where I spend most of my working day and where I help small and medium sized companies to become big, and the big ones to develop their potential and communicate with the rest of the world.

Get to know my tools

This is my trademark

Made up of the first letters of the words quality and translation, it represents my mission and my vision. After my career as an engineer, I started translating, but along the last 15 years I have been actively developing other aspects related to content creation, both from a training and a professional perspective.

Colors blue and orange are traditionally associated with trust and creativity; both are values that I consider fundamental to perform my work.

May I elaborate a bit?